What Are You Doing With All Those Great Fresh Vegetables?

By now your garden has been well on its way to sprouting and at least partial picking depending on what area of the country you live in.  By this time your family has no doubt begun to enjoy the fruits of their labor--or more correctly "the vegetables of their labor."  Fun in the sun, some hard work, and healthy eating--who could ask for more? 

No doubt you have found ways to use your newly grown produce.  Hopefully, you have shared some with your neighbors and those in need.  Another great way to use those veggies is to start juicing.  Juicing is a  jewel in itself.  Obviously juicing is packed with vitamins; but,  the fiber for many people is the greater benefit.  Even if you don't juice, eating the vegetables raw will also increase your daily fiber intake.   Please read my article, 6 Tips For Getting in Shape While Unemployed, which contains good suggestions for all of us to get in shape. 

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