Learning About Vegetables Can Be Fun

For most of us growing up in the city, it may be difficult identifying all the various veggies and fruits at the supermarket.
Some kids haven't a clue where corn comes from.  I 've actually heard one youngster say out of the can!   However, it is not too late to help our kids learn so that they can appreciate these gems before they reach adulthood.  Here are a few suggestions to make it fun while learning:
  1. If the kids can't read yet, you can cut vegetable pictures (fruit too can be fun) out of magazines.  Mix the pictures up, and have the kids match the pictures with their correct names.  You can follow up by having the kids see if they can find any of the same veggies they identified somewhere in the produce section of your local supermarket.  Have them take one of the pictures with them to the store. 
  2. With the older kids you can pick out a more difficult vegetable to identify.  When they go shopping with you have them locate the vegetable.  Purchase that vegetable.  Later when home, have the kids "google" the vegetable and find out how it grows, where it grows, and the nutritional benefits from eating it.  Their report should be given at dinner for all to hear. 
  3. The next challenge is getting your older teenagers involved. Why not have your teen make a new dish with the newly acquainted vegetable under discussion.  All family members should comment whether they like it or not. Take a family vote to see if this vegetable should or should not be a regular at your dinner table. 
So Mom or Dad, get started.   No doubt you'll discover some great new vegetables to delight everyones palate!

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